About CRI: Facilities and Contacts


CRI’s objectives are to:

  • promote research and technical development required to maximise the global competitiveness of its shareholders;
  • promote cost-effective research and technical services aimed at addressing the needs of its shareholders;
  • act as spokesperson on citrus industry technical matters;
  • liaise with other organizations, including grower organizations, industry organizations, organized agriculture, statutory bodies or institutions, marketing agents, government organizations, research organisations, training organisations, Universities or any other organization in order to promote the technical interests of its shareholders;
  • promote cooperative interaction between the various research and technology service providers;
  • promote the dissemination of research results and new technologies to its shareholders;
  • pursue the most effective structuring and organisation of technical services required by the shareholders;
  • secure adequate funding to support the provision of Research and Technology development required by CRI's shareholders;
  • allocate available funds to research and technology development in terms of CRI shareholders' interests;
  • Manage performance of service providers being funded for technical projects aimed at addressing CRI shareholder interest.