Dr. Jakkie Stander

Dr. Jakkie Stander

Jakkie Stander
Programme Coordinator: Flowering and Fruit Set
CRI at Stellenbosch University

He started his career as a Technical advisor at Goede Hoop Citrus (PTY) Ltd, in Citrusdal in 2012 and in 2014 started working at CRI as Researcher : Citriculture.

  • BSc Agric (Horticulture and Entomology), University of Stellenbosch (2010)
  • MSc Agric (Horticulture), University of Stellenbosch (2013)
  • PhD Agric (Horticulture), University of Stellenbosch (2018)
Current Research Focus 
  • Alternate bearing in citrus (PhD student)
  • Novel fruit thinning strategies in mandarins
  • Fruit set strategies for late mandarins and lemon
  • Benefits of closed navel-ends in ‘Navel’ sweet oranges
  • Effects of shade netting on tree physiology (Co-worker)
Recent Research Papers 

Stander, O.P.J., Gilbert, M.J., Moore, S.D., Kirkman, W. and Schutte, G.C. 2017. Benefits of reducing the size of the navel-end opening in ‘Navel’ sweet oranges [Citrus sinensis (Osbeck)]. Crop Protection. 96: 123-129

Stander, O.P.J. and Cronjé, P.J.R. 2016. Reviewing the commercial potential of hand thinning in citrus with a cost-benefit analysis of summer hand thinning of ‘Nadorcott’ Mandarin. HortTechnology. 26(2): 206-212.

Mupambi, G., Verreynne, J.S., Stander, O.P.J. and Cronjé, P.J.R. 2015. Optimal timing of application of 2,4-D on ‘Navel’ sweet orange [Citrus sinensis (Osbeck)] reduces the size of the navel-end. J. Hort. Sci. Biotech. 90(6): 619-625.