Key Non-Phytosanitary Pests

Programme Coordinator:

Dr. Tim Grout

Collaborating Researchers:

Dr. Sean Moore, Dr. Aruna Manrakhan

Research Conducted: 

Adult male red scale Aonidiella aurantii emerging
backwards from under scale cover.

This programme includes important cosmetic and production pests such as citrus thrips, Scirtothrips aurantii, bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera, red scale, Aonidiella aurantii and citrus psylla, Trioza erytreae. There is a continuous search for more IPM-compatible means for controlling these pests, such as mating disruption for red scale and entomopathogenic fungi and botanicals for some of the other pests. Research on the Asian citrus psylla, Diaphorina citri, has also been initiated in collaboration with Mauritius, where both the African and Asian species occur. This is in proactive anticipation of the movement of the Asian species down the African continent.
Little research is being conducted on red scale at the moment. Research on citrus psylla primarily focuses on alternative control strategies to systemic organophosphates.

Damage caused by Helicoverpa armigera on the left and
Ascotis selenaria reciprocaria on the right