Mealybug & Other Phytosanitary Pests

Programme Coordinator:

Dr. Sean Moore

Collaborating Researchers:

Dr. Tim Grout, Prof. Martin Hill

Research Conducted: 

Citrus mealybug
Planococcus citri

Although mealybugs are considered key pests from a cosmetic and production viewpoint, their phytosanitary threat is most serious. Research to identify the important natural enemies of indigenous species is being conducted and entomopathogenic fungi are being developed for control of mealybug and other pests. GRAS fumigants for postharvest disinfestation of fruit are also being investigated. Other pests which have phytosanitary implications for certain markets, and which are being investigated within this programme, are carob moth and Fullers rose beetle. An extensive study on the pest status of carob moth and development of pre- and postharvest management strategies has just been completed.